"See also" across databases?

Is there a way to tell DT to extend its “see also” list to all open databases?

Background: I have profited from the new multi-database feature in DT2 for splitting my former single database into several smaller ones. In particular, I have one big rarely updated “archive” database and many smaller ones that change almost daily. The main reason for this split was to make backups and synchronization between computers faster by limiting frequent changes to a few small databases.

However, what I lost with this structure is the ability to find in the “archive” database documents similar to one in the “daily work” databases. I can still search across all open databases, but the “see also” function is often more convenient.


See Also works only within a single database.

I vote for converting this into a feature request. See Also support for multiple open dbs would be useful to me, too.

See Christian’s post.