See also and classify not jumping to next item

Hi, there’s probably a quick simple fix for this but I can’t find it. When I move an item out of the Inbox, it doesn’t advance to the next item. Instead it says “No Selection” and I have to go back and click on the next item. This happens whether I’m manually dragging the items out of the inbox or using “See Also & Auto Classify.” Thanks for any suggestions.

This is not something you can control. but it is working in the current internal build.

Select an item in the item list.
Classify it via the See Also & Classify Inspector.
File moves and next it selected.

What view method are you using? (I use List view most of the time.)

I just closed out DT and reopened it, and now it’s functioning properly again. Not sure what happened but thanks!

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile: