See also & Classify across databases in DT3

I noticed that previously DT2 couldn’t looked up files in other databases when using see also & classify function. And DT3 is now capable of doing that. Is my finding correct?
This is a big improvement meaning that i can put folders into certain databases which i want to share with others (yes, I set up DT databases for my small office team), without losing the DT intelligence locating relevant files.

Yes, See Also & Classify now work across all open databases.


Just discovered this. This is great!

Any way to restrict it to just the current database in instances when that might be desired? If not, this is still a desirable improvement and will change how I set up my databases, for the better.

This isn’t possible right now but we’ll consider this for future releases.

Thanks. I can think of many scenarios where I would like to select which databases See Also and Classify analyzes, without having to close and open various databases all the time.

The complexity of the UI increases with the number of permutations, e.g., Databases A, B, and F or all databases except G.

The easiest method to implement from a UI standpoint would be all databases or just the current database.

Agreed. Those two options would be sufficient. If the user wanted more control they could just close the databases they want to exclude.

The more I use it the more I think those two options are quite necessary. I love being able to use the AI across databases but it can also result in too many “false” suggestions. So a way to toggle between “All Databases” and “Current Database” would be welcome.


This feature is needed. My research DB “conflicts” with the DB of my paperless office, for example. I’d be ok with a static choice in the preferences – better than nothing.

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