See Also & Classify in one database only

Is there a way to limit See Also & Classify to only look in the database I have currently selected?

That used to be the default. (I know many wanted it to look across all open databases, but I would like the choice if possible).

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That is not currently possible. We are considering options but it’s not necessarily a simple thing to implement to cover potential use cases. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I’m also interested in having flexibility with regards to See Also & Classify. I set up my database structure with DTPO’s one-database-only limitation in mind, and have been struggling to figure out how to adapt to DT3’s new all-databases behavior. Jim, the idea you mentioned here, to toggle between all databases and the current database, sounds great. But I look forward to seeing what the team works out. Thanks.

Another (more complex?) option could be a dropdown menu at the top of the See Also pane to allow filtering of databases from which the suggestions are to be drawn.

For example, I’m viewing a PDF in my “Sources” database (full of articles, book chapter, etc.). Sometimes I use See Also to find related PDFs in this same database. But right now I would like to find related documents from my “Notes” database (full of shorter text notes). Being able to toggle on/off datases right from the See Also pane would be very helpful.

(Always feels weird to “toss out” suggestions and shout “build this!” to the creators… Thanks at least for considering this.)

to “toss out” suggestions

This is fine.

shout “build this!” to the creators

This is not nice, so I’m glad you’re making civil suggestions :slight_smile:

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