"See also" confusing usage with tabs


I am a bit confused about how to use “See also”.
I select a record in my DB and open it. a new window pops up showing me just that record. now i select text within that record and right-click on the text. selecting “search related phase” opens up a drawer and i see documents that presumably contain that phrase.

that’s great but now what? if i open a document from that list in a new tab, the list is gone?!? switching to the old tab, the former list is being replaced with the regular ‘see also’.

that feels very broken to me and not thought through. or am i using it wrong?

thanks in advance and best regards,

Did you want to save more than one item in the list resulting from search of the selected phrase? You can select multiple items (continuous or noncontiguous) by holding down the Command key while making selections, or Command-A to select the complete list. Then Control-click and choose the option to Open in Tabs.

That may be more efficient than opening as tabs items one at a time. You can inspect the added items, clearing the tabs of those that are not useful.

If you selected only a few of the items to open as tabs in the list resulting from search of the selected phrase and later wish to examine others, go back to the original document. The selection is still available to Control-click and search the phrase.

Given that only one right-side drawer at a time can be attached to a window, I find the Classify/See Also drawer the one I’m most likely to use (I’m a heavy user of See Also when exploring ideas).

i kind of did that too, i opened the first 30 results (since i don’t know which one i am looking for) but it unfortunately makes DTP slow.

yes, the selection is still there but why is the state of the tab gone when i switch back to it? i never indicated i want to have a ‘see also’ drawer and dtpo just overrides my decision :confused:
don’t get me wrong, see also is very useful but i shouldn’t be forced to use it by DTPO when i decided not to use it :confused: