See also disappeared

I can’t find the “see also” feature. Does anyone knows where is it, and how to get it back to the inspector?

So, I opened another database, and the see also is there just fine. closed and reopened the “problematic” one, and now it’s fine. I don’t understand it, but now it’s ok.

Two suggestions:

  1. Close DEVONthink, then re-start your Mac.

  2. If still not where you expect to find it, then post a screen shot here showing that location where you expect it to be.

@rmschne, thank you for your quick replay. I did these things, and it didn’t work. but I closed and reopened the database, and it’s ok now.

Hum. Closing all databases, quitting DEVONthink, re-boot, re-open database didn’t work?

closing and reopening database worked

update: now the “see also” is gone, and not coming back even after closing and reopening the database or restarting the computer.

please help

My hunch something (hardware or software) flawed on your computer. First step do “First Aid” (after reading instructions, of course) on your hard disk, and after that see if Apple can do some diagnostics or something.

Edit: also might want to post a screen shot here showing where you notice the missing features and what you expect.

Did you verify all databases (see File > Verify & Repair Database…)? In addition, what kind of file did you select? Are always the same databases opened (as all of them are used)?

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did it. not helping.

no “see also” for all kind of files

sometimes all databases are open, sometimes just one or more are open

Try: put mouse cursor at bottom the of box you have marked in red. The cursor should turn into a horizontal bar with an “up” arrow. Drag it up and report what happens.


oh my God, @rmschne , Thank you so much :sweat_smile:

but, still, how did it happened?

Bumping this since I ran into the same thing. I think this qualifies as a pretty significant bug. There’s no way to discover that this is going on other than to come to this forum.

It’s actually intentional that users can hide one of the panes, e.g. if they’re not interested in the other results.

It it’s intentional, why isn’t it documented? Hidden features are all well and good in a video game, but they seemed counter-purpose in productivity software.