"See also" for selected sections of text?

Is it possible to program the “see also” function to work its magic when only a section of text is selected?

When there is a smaller section in a larger document for which we want to look for concordances, it would save the user from having to create a separate document.




this is a really really really great idea!

One step further: DT could look for parts in other documents that are similar! Then we could leave every document the way it is in the beginning.

Thanks a lot and once again: A great great great idea!


P.S. I am aware that this means some more programming, and that the to do list is long. But I think, this would be a feature worth waiting for a little bit…


thank you for the suggestion. And yes, Maria, the to-do list is getting longer and longer :wink: However, one more or less easy to implement option could be to modify the "See " contextual menu command - if there’s a selection containing more than one word, this command could be “See selection”.

What do you think?

A good start, isn’t it?



That sounds like it would work. :slight_smile: