'See also' from a paragraph

Is there a way to do an analysis of just the selected text for the purpose of a similarity classification?

If a document has a paragraph about a particular subject, I’d often like to see other documents that are similar to that particular paragraph rather than to the document as a whole.

I can do this by selecting the text, doing Cmd-), and then See Also on the resulting file which I then delete. But it would be a nice feature for the contextual menu: right-click on some selected text and choose ‘See Also…’

That’s an intersting suggestion. It would require DT to do an on-the-fly contextual analysis of the selected paragraph, rather than of the containing document.

That could be very useful.

Eric and Christian: Could that be accomplished either as a script or contextual menu option?

I like this idea very much, and have wondered about it myself. As a contextual menu option would be very nice. Or perhaps it could just be that if text is selected then the “See Also” does it on the selected text, and if no text is selected then “See Also” acts on the whole document… but some way of knowing what the “See Also” was acting on would need to be indicated I think – for clarity’s sake.