See also hits generated by note body text AND note title

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I noticed that see also hits are generated only by text inside a note’s body and not in the title. How can I set DT3P to find results based on the title as well? There are many images etc that remain unconnected due to the title going under the radar.

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Yes, DEVONthink only looks at the content. It doesn’t take the name into account. There’s no preference to change that.

However, images work with See Also:

Edit: Sorry I missed the „feature request“ tag.

A grim confirmation! I have many notes with data only in the title and reaching these is valuable to me. Is there a script / method that could be used to copy and paste the title in the body of notes which are titled only?


Writing a script for that should be simple

I use a script to process notes in my Inbox; it assists me in formatting the title, tags etc
It could also copy the title into the body of notes

fwiw The search feature supports triggers like content matches, title matches

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Wow alright, applescript seems excellent with DT. Please share the script you use.

DT should definitely be able to define content in the titles of notes and not the body only. Thank you!

Here’s a sample; I select notes and run the Process-Inbox script (toolbar icon)

tell application id "DNtp" to set selectedNotes to  (get selection)
   repeat with theNote in selectedNotes

            code to set values for title, tags etc
            this could also include code to update the note contents source code           

      set theNote to move record theNote to theFilingGroup
      set name of theNote to theTitle
      set tags of theNote to tags of theNote & theTagList
      set locking of theNote to true
   end repeat
end tell
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Many thanks for sharing. Could you point me in the right direction to accomplish:

if a formatted note body is blank, copy/paste the title into the body

I realize this is a simple task if you’re familiar with DT and applescript so even your recommendation for tutorial etc would be helpful.

Welcome @Janny

  • Are you using DEVONthink To Go as well or perhaps in the future if not now?
    • If so, be cautious using formatted notes. There is a fixed limit of 10MB DEVONthink To Go can display with such a file.

I used Apple’s Script Menu app and opened Devonthink’s Dictionary
Looking at the record definition, “note body” is identified by the plain text object
Here’s simple code to set the body to the title
The title could also be added to existing content

tell application id "DNtp"
	set theNote to item 1 of (get selection)
	set theText to plain text of theNote
	set theName to name of theNote
	if theText is "" then
		set plain text of theNote to theName
	end if
end tell
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Hi! I am not on an iphone right now but it doesn’t sound like a bad idea trying out DTTG if I ever get one. That’s very bad news with formatted notes as I came from using evernote for many years, although I don’t think I have any formatted notes that exceed 10MB. Could you suggest any other pitfalls / tips for former evernote users that migrated into DT?


Formatted Note (html) is the format used for notes imported from Evernote
and my personal choice for format


  • Linked images are not supported (images are embedded )
  • DTTG has trouble with rendering for some complex layouts
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I haven’t enjoyed an algorithm in so many years, this is great. I’ll wrap my head around it. I’m new to apple products honestly but I’ll find the script menu app and the devonthink dictionary.

The ‘plain text object’ is also applicable to a formatted note? I’m guessing with script I could also change an image container to a formatted note with the image embedded, so I can add the title inside to connect to see also which is essential.