See Also in DevonSphere Express vs DevonThink Pro

I am a student(tight budget) and I am interested in the See Also feature for dissertation writing in both DevonThink Pro and DevonSphere Express(Steven Johnson style). I would like to know if the AI is the same in both the programs. In other words, if I had DevonSphere Express index the same PDFs as DevonThink Pro would the outcomes be similar in the see also function?

I don’t really need the classification aspects of the DevonThink program as I do this through my reference manager.

The results should be similar usually although not necessarily identical

Thank you very much. I actually decided to spring for the cheapest version of DTP just in case I needed the other features but I appreciate the fast answer.

As someone also in the midst of their dissertation, I can’t express to you how helpful DEVONthink has been (I spoiled myself and got the full blown Pro Office version, and I’m glad I did). You’ll be thanking yourself every day for your decision to buy DEVONThink!