"see also" spanning multiple databases

I’ve seen various past posts saying that it’ll be in an upcoming release. Just wondering roughly where it lies on the roadmap.

Unfortunately there’s nothing to announce yet.

What I would really like to see is a quick toggle button to “see also in this database” and “see also in all databases.”

DA has become my primary browser because I can instantly see what items in my database are related to the page I’m on. It is a brilliant feature. I’m hoping that it can work its way into DT, because it seems to be technically possible =)


This is my number 1 wishlist item for DTPO

(right next to my other number 1 items :wink: )

There are times when I, too, would like ‘See Also’ to span multiple open databases.

But there are times when I don’t want that to happen, and in fact that’s one of my criteria for separating some of my content into different databases. See, for example, my comments about the improved focus of ‘See Also’ in the example of a search for mercury contamination in fish at viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8016&p=50791&hilit=see+also+fish#p50791

A toggle of ‘See Also’ to switch between single and multiple open databases would be the best of all worlds.

For me, ‘See Also’ is one of the most important features of DEVONthink.