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I have been using DTO for a while now and I still don’t get the “See Also” window in “see also and classify” feature. If I have a document that seems to fit into one of the groups shown in the “see Also” bottom window, how can I simply move it there like I can do in the upper classify window?


Kim Marietta

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The lower pane of that drawer shows documents. You can’t move a document into a document. “See Also” means “you might want to look at these documents, too”

I understand that they are documents. I just thought that if the current document you are trying to find a home for fits into one of the locations shown in bottom window, it would be cool if there was a way to quickly move it to that location. Maybe I am missing something.

Maybe there’s a way to do that, but the way you tried it seems to contradict conventional drag/drop behavior. :slight_smile:

The “see also” pane includes the locations of the items listed. Those locations probably also appear in the “classify” pane, up above. Use the “move to” button to move the item to the highlighted group.

(And if the “see also” items aren’t located in the groups “classify” suggests, you probably need to work on your group structure.)


Not necessarily. Perhaps in a small, rigidly structured database there will be a high congruence of reference groups in the two panels. In a larger database, or one with a broad range of textual relations and group assignments, it is very probable that there are high-scoring documents in See Also that are not in Classify groups.

Hi folks,
I was the OP on this topic 18 months ago and still cannot figure out what the benefit of the AI “SEE ALSO” feature is for? If I have a new item sitting in my inbox that brings up several hits in the “see also” window of the “also and classify” feature and one of those hits is in the location I want to place that file what is the easiest way to do so? Or am I totally missing the point of what “see also” is used for? You would think after using Devon for over 2 years now that I would have this to rest.

It may help to think of See Also & Classify as two totally different functions. See Also & Classify are only related in that Classify proposes locations that store content similar to the original item, and See Also proposes documents that have content similar to the original. I use Classify to help my file my documents, while I use See Also to help me locate similar content on a topic that I may have overlooked. I never use the two features simultaneously.

Having said that, if you want to use See Also to assist in classifying, it is possible. The original document is always at the top of the See Also pane. If say the 3rd document in the list is in the group where you decide to move the original, select the 3rd document, right-click, and select reveal. The file list will change to the location of the 3rd document. Select the original (top) document in the list and drag it to the now active group that contains the 3rd document.

The above sounds confusing as can be, but it really is easier than it sounds.

I use See Also to explore ideas. The highest value to me are suggestions that I hadn’t thought of.

An example I often mention happened when I was reading a paper on the influence of invasive species on the populations of native species in an ecosystem. When I invoked See Also the list of suggestions contained several other papers on that topic – but I already knew about those. What caught my attention was a suggestion of a paper on the factors that affect reaction equilibria in chemical reactions. Sure enough, the dynamic principles were related, and that got me onto a useful train of thought.

Steven Johnson discussed how he uses See Also in his book, Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation.

See Also is a great way to break writer’s block. I can select a few paragraphs of my draft, Control-click on the selection, and invoke See Related Text (a variant of See Also that’s limited to the selected text of a document, rather than the entire document), and DEVONthink will suggest some documents in my database that may be contextually related. :slight_smile:

That does NOT sound confusing at all. It just turned on a lightbulb in my head and is exactly the answer I was looking for.
Thank you so much

Very Helpful Bill