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I’m noticing now that when I do a search, each document (typically PDFs) that mach the search shows up TWICE in the results window.  Any idea what’s causing this, and how I might address it?

I recently added a large number of PDFs (about 400) to DevonThink, but they weren’t duplicated.  And I’ve check to make sure there aren’t actually duplicates in the database.

I also rebuild the database yesterday, so I’m a bit confused here.  Suggestions welcome, it’s not a showstopper but it’s definitely annoying  ;)


did you check the properties in the Info panel? May be the PDFs are stored in the DBfolder and in DT itself. I had a similar problem when I started working with DT, although yours seems to be a bit different.


Yeah, I have it set to “copy to database folder” but not “add to database.”  I actually don’t think you can have both selected.

I did the complete “export and import” and I’m still seeing double. Strange, and makes search results annoying.

Maybe I should ask about the 1.9 beta, or hopefully it will be available in 1 1/2 weeks when I get back from vacation  ;)

I don’t know what’s going on either. But here’s an idea to investigate:

Have you found any duplicates within your database when browsing around? Or is it only in search results? Is it happening with any new documents you are importing into DEVONthink?

One idea is to do a search that gives doubled results, and then for each search "hit" that is dupicated, press Cmd-R (shortcut for Menu:Command:Reveal), which will show you where DEVONthink thinks the search hit resides in the database. If Cmd-R for both duplicate search hits shows the same document within your database hierarchy, it suggests a bug in DEVONthink. Otherwise, it might show two duplicate imports into your database.


The files aren’t duplicated in my database – I checked.  Plus, it seems that files that are duplicated usually have the filename in blue, so I can catch those.

Not sure exactly what was going on… it only happens with certain documents.

I think I can dare a close shot at at explaining the problem, although I don’t have a solution of the problem. In fact, I am not even sure whether it’s a bug or not. Maybe some DEVONtechnologies official can help.

Here’s my explanation. To begin with, I must tell you that I have the same problem here. But on my system the same document not only appears two times in my search results list, it appears multiple times. I then found out, that the frequency of occurence of one document in the search results list depends on the number of words in the search phrase. Example: Searching the word “Marillion” will produce one occurence of every matching document in the search results list. Searching for “Steve Hogarth Marillion” might produce multiple occurence – my guess is one for every word in the search phrase".

If you don’t want multiple occurences of one document in the search results list, you must choose “All words” in the search window or in the search options pop-up in the DT-main window.

I hope I didn’t post too much nonsense here.

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Hi there!

Again, is there a Devon Technologies official, who can clarify this problem?

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It’s a bug but version 1.9 (coming this week) will fix this.

Oh well, and I was starting to like my theory…


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