Seeing MASSIVE memory use


I like the product, but DevonSphere Express is using a ton of memory at rest. On my 8 gig of Ram system, it is the biggest user of real memory, taking 547.2 MB. When the DevonExpress bot was running it took another 550 MB or so.

Is this normal? Will the memory be released if it gets tight?


1.11 gigs of real RAM on my machine.

I installed the program this morning and after the indexing, which took about 6 hours, I found my first search very on target. However, I also note usage of 1.1 gig when the bot is running and 632 mg without, when just the program is idle without any indexing. My kernel_task was typically my biggest memory user at 503 mg.

I noticed in the release notes that one of the fixes was reduced memory usage, I shutter to think what the usage was before the fix! Unless the memory usage is reduced I will regrettably not be able to continue using the application. :frowning:

Me too: DEVONsphere Express sucks down about 880 MB of real memory, while idling in the background and not indexing. That pretty much wipes out my 4GB system’s free memory, and seriously degrades overall system performance. ‘devonbot’ kicks in while indexing raising the total memory footprint to about 1.5 GB, making matters worse.

This is a deal-breaker; I think I just wasted five bucks.


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OK, so it’s not just me.

Agreed that this sort of resource hogging is a deal-braker.

To the DT folks: please fix! :slight_smile:


Right now DEVONsphere is using 233mb of RAM. Wonder what the difference is. I’m running OS X 10.7.3.

Using 550mb on my MacBook Pro


For me (MacBookPro early 2007 C2D, 3GB Ram, OSX 10.6.8) it takes up about 350MB Ram but the systems penalty for keeping it running (most likely due to memory management issues) is felt… this needs to be improved before I can keep it running.


It would be interesting to have some comments on this point by the developers.

FWIW, on my 4GB MBP DEVONsphere Express is using about 150 MB of Real Mem and 355 MB of Virtual Mem.

O.K. I´ll join the cue: me too. 2GB of RAM on a MacBook pro. Disappointing :frowning:


Yes. I’m seeing 830+ MB of Real Memory consumed when the app is idle! :blush:

Not acceptable.

This makes DSE the most memory intensive app on my entire system while it sits there waiting for me to put it to work.

Then the actual indexing runs the CPU at up to 100-percent.

I simply cannot imagine what the good, usually competent folks at DT were thinking before they released this into the wild.

I find it very disappointing that there is no developer comment on this thread.

By all accounts, it would appear that the Devon folks were negligent in releasing this app. It’s not just nowhere near ready to be live and in the wild.

Developers don’t work on weekends :wink:

The upcoming version 1.2 will further reduce the memory usage but it will usually require more memory than e.g. Spotlight. In the end it depends on the contents of the index, it’s recommended to add only interesting/useful locations/categories right now and not everything. Just like DEVONthink databases - the results depend on the input.

I appreciate the developer’s suggestion to reduce the Folders indexed. However, paradoxically, when I stopped indexing Documents, Music and Photos, and only indexed my critical documents in my Dropbox folder, the memory usage INCREASED to 920.5 MB!

I then closed the app thinking that maybe it needed to restart for the new settings to take hold.

Upon restart, same thing!

Something appears to be awry with memory usage (leakage?). :frowning:

could you please send the file ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONsphere Express/Logs/devonbot/default.log to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!

500MB for DSExpress

Contrast with DTP at 150MB!

I understand the nature of an app like this can consume more memory than an app like DTPO, but bottom line is I’m not going to put another app on my machine that is consuming these kinds of resources unless it is absolutely so rock solid and it’s functionality is so compelling and creates such a positive difference in my computing life that I genuinely don’t want to work without it. 500 mb or more of RAM is a heavy cost.

Agreed MB17 running Lion 10.7.3 Devonsphere is taking 543mb of ram

DSE uses 1.35 GB of RAM on my machine :open_mouth: