Seeking informal consultant: Mac + Firefox + DTPO

Seeking informal consultant: Mac + Firefox + DTPO — to fine tune my home computer.

I’m new to DTPO.
Want someone to help me over rough spots at the beginning.
I expect to pay for that, but want informal & relaxed; not big business style.

Will replace Finder for personal documents, bills & receipts, family photos, etc.
Just my Mac at home: No business, no work projects, no scientific research, no team sharing.

In DT, I’m using no tags, very few ordinary groups, mostly smart groups.
Seeking advice from experienced DT user how to optimize that strategy.
Also, need help setting up RSS with hundreds of feeds.
And, want to know if DT can replace SiteDelta to notify of web page changes.
Plus, want guidance importing bookmarks from Firefox: 5,000+ to clean and organize.

Assistance with Firefox also important.

  • FF preference to open in new tab (not new window) not working correctly.
  • I broke user agent in about:config and don’t know how to fix it.
  • Captchas suddenly appearing on many web sites and I don’t know why.
  • FF 43 forbids some add-ons that I want to use.

Now using uBlock, uMatrix, Little Snitch, and VPN, so there is some complexity.

Looking for someone with experience in these areas, or with ability to figure them out.
I’m not interested in degrees, certificates, or big-corporation experience; just your ability to advise me and solve problems.

You can be located anywhere.
If your English is not perfect, I don’t care about that.

I can pay you by bank wire, Bitcoin,, check by mail, or direct deposit to almost any bank anywhere you specify.
Or can use escrow service.
Or, on your next vacation to Thailand, I can meet you at BKK airport and place cash in your hand.
Up to you.

You are welcome to ask me any questions.
Respond only by private message — not on the public forum.
At the beginning of your response please quote, “A stitch in time.”
If anything I’ve written here is not clear, send private message, and I’ll post a correction.
I may hire more than one consultant for this project.

Thank you.

  • Peter
    Bangkok, Thailand

We maintain a list of consultants at … tants.html

You might contact them, or perhaps check with local Mac consultants in Thailand who may be familiar with DEVONthink. It’s possible that your post on the forum might trigger contact from another forum member who would be willing to consult.