Seeking two PDF feature solutions in DTP


How can I do the following with PDFs in DTP: (1) See the highlights and comments that one makes in a PDF document in order to consolidate all of the highlights and notes, instead of going through each page trying to find them (this can be doing in Adobe, and in Mac Preview though View->“Highlights and Notes”), and; (2) Select and copy the comments that are embedded in PDF documents.

I’d appreciate any ideas / suggestions…


I believe Skim provides the best solution for these features. There are numerous discussions and scripts in this forum (and posted elsewhere – esp. on academic workflow blogs) for using Skim to gather highlights and comments. Otherwise – at this point there is no built-in feature in DEVONthink that does what you’re looking to do.

Thanks so much for this. Yeah, I’m actually looking for some kind of built-in feature in DEVONthink to do this because…it would enable me to look an an annotated PDF document so that I could reference the comments and mark ups in its corresponding Annotated File (in DTP). Make sense? It seems like a relatively simple feature to create (since other apps have them), and it would sure make it much, much easier to work within DTP to accomplish annotation tasks.

Anyway…I’d welcome any other suggestions. And I hope DTP developers note this suggestion! Thanks.

I understand that one needs to use Skim to view highlights and comments in PDF documents (though I hope DTP develops built-in features that enable us to do this). But is there any way to more easily select and copy the comments that are embedded in PDF documents? Thanks!

Not yet possible but planned for upcoming releases.