Select data base at time of loading data

Since DT Pro 2 enables to open multiple data bases, has anyone modified the scripts that save data into DTP to have the option to select which database to save to ? (eg of these scripts : save message(s) to DevonThink, save PDF to DevonThink, etc…)
I’ve created several specific DTP data bases for some kind of information that are very specifics and not very often looked at and I would appreciate this, as opening the relevant data base before saving is rather cumbersome.


A future release will add the sidebar to the group selector and then some scipts (e.g. “Copy selection to…” or “Save PDF in DEVONthink Pro to…”) will automatically use this.

This multiple database feature is great but it can cause a lot of problems with scripts saving to the incorrect database.

It seems to me there should be a way to SET the current database.

Also note that the command “open database” by path does not make that newly opened database database 1, nor does it even bring the window to the front. Worse, if you are using spaces on Leopard, it may not even bring up the correct space. (In my tests using that command brought up the Space with database 1 on it, even if the database targeted was already in the active space!)

In my view that command should make that database window active, and make it the current database.

That said, it appears you can create content in a specific database more or less like this:

set dbpath to "/Users/wbc/Documents/DevonThink/dbname.dtBase2"
tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set t to open database dbpath
	set theLocation to "/Technical2"
	set theGroup to create location theLocation in t
end tell