select/display problem in 3-pane view

1st, a quick question - why is a URL to a web address maintained for PDF+text files? Does it affect the way the file is rendered?

The problem that I’m experiencing relates to that. I’m using 3-pane view; here is the sequence of actions:

  • select a group
  • select an item within that group; I see the item in the bottom right pane
  • select the URL field and hit the delete key
  • select another item within the same group; I still see the first item in the bottom right pane

If I select the second item again, then I see it in the bottom right pane, but it seems a bit awkward to have one thing selected in the top right pane and a different one displayed in the bottom right pane.

Thanks for any feedback and/or attention to that. Keith

thanks for the bug report, v2.0.4 will fix this issue.