Select multiple folders in the sidebar of DT3

Hi all,

I have a quick question about the sidebar of DT3:

Is it possible to select multiple folders in the sidebar so that their collective content can be seen in the main window? (i.e., the upper right window in list view, see attachment)

Sometimes the reference files for my task are stored across 2-3 folders – having the above capability could avoid the hassle from frequently clicking different folders.

If I can’t select multiple folders in sidebar for such purpose, is there a workaround in DT3? This can be easily done in DT2.

Thank you!



No this isn’t currently possible, though it is under consideration as a future enhancement.

This was such a useful feature of DT2, I hope that it is being given strong consideration :grinning:. It is (was) one of the best ways to temporarily view data in a different context, or outline ideas, without moving data around or altering the structure of a database. Scrivener users will certainly know what I am talking about.

As ever, if DT3 has introduced a better method of achieving the same results, I would love to hear about it.

Oh I see. Hope this could be implemented in the near future! :smiley:

This is definitely planned for upcoming releases.