Select "what" to share

I would like the option to select “what” is being shared via the Share menu in DTTG. For instance, let’s say I have a RTF file. I hit share and it wants to share the RTF document and it’s contents. But this means I can’t Share it to Things app. Yet, if I select a bookmark, it gives me the option and creates a Things task with the handy DT item link embedded. Perhaps a long press on the Share button could bring up a context menu with options suitable to the item: Contents, Item Link, etc.

I know I can manually copy the item link, then goto Things and add it, but that is tedious. Having the option about “what” I want to share would be better. I am sure there are many other use scenarios where being able to choose what is shared would help.


You seem to be describing behavior I’ve never seen in any other application. Do you have any precedent?

DEVONthink does many unprecedented things. :slight_smile:

Actually, I think I have seen something like this before in other apps. It’s sort of like an “Export As” feature, which is very common, at least on the Mac. Kind of the reverse of DTTG’s own import sheet. Will try to think of other apps that have something like it.

Yay! I found one similar to my idea, Apple’s own Photos app on iOS. After invoking the Share sheet at the top there is an “Options” text button. Tap that and you have options as to what is being shared, a Photo or iCloud Link. After selecting it when the sheet falls away the choices in the Share sheet have changed to accommodate the content that is being exported. i.e. When Photo is chosen Things is not an option because it can’t accept photos, when Link is selected Things is an option because it can accept text links. DTTG could adopt the exact same interface for this and I would be happy, and it would be in line with Apple’s own interface. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the example!
I’m not sure about the implementation, but I will file a feature request on this.

Unfortunately, this seems to be based on — of course — a private API. The long press option could be an idea but that wouldn’t work for the Share item in context menus or the action menu.

OK. I think you get why this would be useful, maybe you can think of good way to integrate the functionality, however the implementation. Thanks.

I’ve taken notes and will think about what would be a good way for implementing it on iOS.

You might try and create a Shortcut if the other app supports Shortcuts or has documented a URL-scheme of some sort:

  • Retrieve the current UUID with an x-callback
  • Retrieve content of DT item using the UUID
  • Create a Menu action: Share Contents, Share link, Share both etc.
  • Add content per menu item with the appropriate action or URL-scheme

Thanks, I will consider trying that, when I have some time. I always prefer built-in functionality though.