Selecting DEVONThink window on Mission Control doesn't work properly


When I try to select the DEVONthink window on Mission Control y macOS 10.13.6 I have to do it twice to bring the window up-front. I don’t know if this this is a problem of mission control or DEVONthink but DEVONThink is the only app that is displaying this behavior.

It’s quite annoying.

Anyway to fix?

You can see the behavior here.

Welcome @lpuerto
Does this persist after a machine reboot?
It’s also possible it’s a 10.13.x issue. I’m seeing no problem in 10.14.4.

I don’t discard the OS issue and right now for example works fine. I think the issue arises after clipping a webpage with the web clipper. I have to check.

I just did a quick test and it’s seems not trigger by the clipper… at least with the new version 2.13.3. Either is triggered by another thing or the new version just fixed it.

I really don’t know what really cause it, but what it fixes it when happening is to just create another desktop and close the one where the DEVONthink window is… Sometimes you have to do it twice. Change DEVONthink window to another desktop also helps.

It’s just weird.

Yeah. It could just be another little macOS bug with Mission Control.

I am bumping this thread because I believe this is a DTPO-specific issue, and not necessarily a Mission Control issue.

I have been battling this problem with DTPO for years from Sierra all the way to Catalina. Here is what it looks like in 10.15.2:

Ipuerto’s trick works somewhat. If I move the DTPO window to another desktop, it works for a period of time. But the problem always returns after a while. And it only ever happens to DTPO windows in Mission Control. I’ve never seen any other app window do it, well, ever. So there is something going on between Mission Control and DTPO that makes DTPO not actually come to the front when selected in Mission Control.

I’m with you in this issue and I also think that is DT specific issue. I never ever have a similar issue with other app and for me it’s always DT. What is more, I think the issue has been on two different releases of DT 2 and 3, during the last three releases of macOS. As far as I know.