Selecting iCloud sync over iCloud Drive in DT3

Hi DT community, I have searched on this topic but am unable to find a thread where this is covered.

I am using DT3 on macOS 10.15.4 and DTTG on iOS 13.3.1. I am trying to sync a 2.6GB database using iCloud.

When enabling iCloud sync from DT3, the upload time was lengthy but I see the files in my iCloud Drive. On DTTG, I am only seeing the global inbox sync. On DTTG, the location iCloud is enabled, and Global Inbox is the only location in that folder that can be synced.

I noted in previous threads that iCloud Drive =/= iCloud sync. However, that iCloud Drive is the only iCloud option available in DT3 sync preferences. Following the guidance in another thread, I went to clean it, and accidentally deleted the location “iCloud Drive” altogether in the process.

In short, how does DT3 utilize iCloud sync rather than iCloud Drive?

Earlier versions of DEVONthink 2.x used iCloud Drive, since version 2.10 only iCloud is used. But depending on Apple’s servers and the size of your database it might require some time until the uploaded databases will show in DEVONthink To Go.

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From what I have read (and my own experience confirms this) it seems iCloud can get “stuck” at times. There is a small utility that can “unstick” iCloud, available here: As I have said elsewhere, the fact that an experienced programmer has found it worth his time to write such a utility suggests that iCloud is more unreliable than many of us would like to think. I now use iCloud as little as possible, and have moved to other services where I can.