Selecting items in Digest tab

I might be being dense here, but I cannot find out how to select an item (so that I can archive it, for example) in Digest mode. I first have to open it in the browser.

Is there a way of doing this ?

[1] Do you mean that you wish to save the summary text in the Digest? Sure. Just select the text of the Digest summary for a page (or use Command-A to select all of them).

Now you can Save As the selected summary(ies) as rich text. The URL links will remain active.

Or, with the desired text selected, just Select Data > Add to DEVONthink > Rich Text.

I often find it more useful to save a set of Digest summaries to my database instead of the individual pages. Example: a search for “hexachlorobenzene” results in a set of digests for that term that contain all I need to know about chemical and physical properties, health effects, use, case histories - with links or citations to authoritative reference sources.

[2] Or do you want to save the HTML page to your database? Right. You need to open the page, then decide whether to add it as an HTML page, a link, as rich text of a selected area of the page, as PDF or as a WebArchive.