Selecting text from imported emails

I import a lot of emails into Devonthink Pro Office.

I’m finding it increasingly frustrating that I cannot select or copy any text from these emails in DTPO.

Could you please look into making this possible?

Emails are either HTML or plain text so it’s already a format that DTPO deals with. I know I can convert the document, but that in my view, defeats the object of importing emails.

I’m not asking to edit the emails, but just to highlight and copy relevant sections for other documents. As it stands for each email I need to double-click to open it, and click again to open it in, or else right-click and select open in Either way it’s just too many clicks.

Easily done. Select the email, then turn on the Text Alternative view (View menu>Text Alternative, or option-command-p, or click on the Text Alternative icon in the Navigation Bar. You can also set the Text Alternative view to be the default in Preferences>Email>Use alternative view.

Many thanks!

Can I set this view as default for all emails?

Just found it!

In preferences > Email > Use alternate View

I’m a happy bunny now!