Selecting the Finder InBox Link

Is there a way to place a specific InBox for a given database in the finder left sidebar?


You could add the desired inbox to the favorites.

Thanks, Christian, but that doesn’t add it to the Finder sidebar, does it?

Nope. Currently the global Inbox folder (~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox) is the only one that can be added to Finder’s sidebar that DTPro treats specially.

Is there any change or additions with PB6? Like can another database’s inbox or group be added to the Finder Sidebar?

For instance, under the DTPO Help Menu is the “Install Add-ons” item. Selecting that shows “Finder Plugins” and I wonder what plugins that will install and how do we find them?

No, but there’s an important new feature in public beta 6: The contextual menu option “Move To” now works. Choose an item in your Global Inbox and use Move To. You can select any open database and any group within the desired database.

And the moved item will no longer reside in your Global Inbox!

This works generally for moving content from one database to another – a true move, not a copy.

The Finder Plugins is now identical to what we had in version 1.5, i.e. a contextual menu entry is added to the Finder (it’s actually an Automator workflow example).

Specifically, it’s More > Automator > Add to DEVONthink. Not sure what reason there’d be to use that since there are easier/faster methods.