Selection moves to the sidebar after deleting a file:annoyin

Let’s say I want to browse over my files in the 3-pane view and delete some of the files depending on the preview in the bottom panel. The annoying thing is that after deleting the file the selection moves to the enclosing folder on the left panel rather than remain on the next/previous entry in the top panel.

I believe there is no way to change this behavior, is there ? And if not, don’t you guys think that this behavior is a bit odd.


The top right pane should still have the focus but without a selection. E.g. press the down/up arrow key to select the first/last item.

I am sorry I did not explain right, you are right, that is the behavior.

And that is exactly my problem, I would very much like the selection to go to the next/previous item rather than first/last since going from the first/last item to where I was is a bit inconvenient.

That’s not possible right now but we will probably add such an option to one of the next releases.

Great to hear that and thanks for the prompt replies.

FYI, there’s currently active followup discussion and suggestions to this topic in:

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