Selective sync

I haven’t been following changes in DevonThink very closely. Regarding sync, I used to have a Mobile Sync group in my databases. (I use local sync only, using a Mac as the server and an iPad as the client.) As I recall, I used to replicate groups or items that needed syncing to this Mobile Sync group. That allowed me to keep the amount of space used on the iPad to a minimum. Reading the most recent manual, I found references to choosing which databases to sync, but not which parts of a single database to sync. Is that option no longer available?

Assuming it isn’t, are there any canonical strategies for avoiding overloading the iPad?

No, databases are completely synchronised since version 2.9 which introduced a completely rewritten sync for iOS and macOS.

One possibility is to synchronize only selected databases. Another one is to use the Pro package of DEVONthink To Go which provides the option to download only metadata (documents are downloaded on demand).

Thanks for clearing that up, Christian.
I think it might be best for me to create a new database with just my really important documents.