Semi-automatic duplicate merging?

After importing my sizable SOHO Notes entries, I am left with many duplicates in my DT Personal database.

Is there any way to more-or-less automatically find the where the duplicates are, so I can delete and/or replicate them? Or do I have to search on each one (a process that might take a very long while)?

If they are duplicates with the same name, sort by name and select every other note. Then use the delete button.

You can also sort by other identical attribute so the files are listed adjacent to one another, whatever is appropriate.

Duplicates should appear in blue (the original and the copy will be blue and bolded).

You can also highlight a list of files among which are your duplicates and use the data script “Find & Remove Similar Contents”.

The script should prompt you each time it finds a duplicate asking whether or not it should be deleted. It is more manually intensive and you are asking the script to assess similarity.

Does that help?

Using your first suggestion, opening each folder and listing by name, I’m slowly eliminating the dups.

Since I’m only using DT Personal, scripts are right out. :frowning:

On the plus side, I’m becoming very impressed with how well DT identifies dups. Maybe that sounds like I’m easily impressed, :slight_smile: but having two files with only slight differences means they aren’t dups. If they have the same name, I can find them and combine them, or rename one or the other.

This is just a great app! Chronos released their update to SOHO Notes today, and I have no desire to even download it. And I relied on that app for years.