Send a file in DTPO via mail using Entourage

hi, I am a newbie and I need help. Just migrated to DTPO from paperport. I like what I see, but I need to know what is the best way to:

1-attach a file in DTPO to a email I am creating in Entourage. (copy/paste just does not work)
2- Forward a file from DTPO and have it automatically create a mail with the attachment in Entourage.

I see that there are some apple scripts for export send to but that only works with Apple mail.


PS Is there a small tutorial/document for us newbies that used to use Paperport?

[1] Export a file to the Finder using File > Export > Files & Folders, or drag & drop a file to the Finder from your database.

Then from Entourage attach the file to an email.

[2] Drag a file from your database to the Entourage icon in the Dock.

Result: A new email message, with the file included as an attachment.

Have you seen the tutorials at

I think I have to correct Bill here. :wink:

Select the records you want to send and go to File > Export > as Email. It is intelligent in setting all the right fields in Mail if you are sending a reply to an imported email message. If your mail application is in the supported list, you will find an attachment in your message.
In the upcoming release there will also be a contextual menu to help you achieve this. :slight_smile:

By the way, the Online Help should tell you all this as well…

I see you are both right :smiley:

I have another question. I have a ScanSnap scanner. How can I

1- Make all scanned items go to an INBOX folder I created in my workspace
2- Disable the OCR as I scan. Here is the issue. If I want to scan 5 docs, I need to wait for each one of them to go through the OCR. Can the OCR be setup in such a way as to be done in the background?

The documents will go to the “current group”, i.e. the one that is selected when you send the documents and the OCR is starting.

The manual explains how to change the OCR preference “Set PDF Attributes” to enable/disable batch processing.