Send a PDF directly from a Web page to DevonThink? (Total newbie question)

Hi all.

Day two of my second go at trying DevonThink.

Searching this “discourse”, found that there IS a user manual. The Support/Downloads/Extras page offers the document in three formats (pdf, epub, kindle). I want it in PDF format.

If I understand DevonThink correctly, I could download the document (say to my desktop), then import/drag/copy it into DevonThink so that I could access it from within DevonThink. Right?

But is there a way for me to import it directly, from the Web page, into DevonThink without first downloading it to my desktop (or elsewhere)?

Subquestion: after importing/dragging/copying it into DevonThink, can I really delete it from my desktop (or wherever I had downloaded it )?

Thanks for your patience! (And I’ll get into the manual right now!)

One possibility is to enable the Clip to DEVONthink extension in Safari > Preferences > Extensions. Another possibility is to install the PDF service (see DEVONthink 3 > Install Add-Ons…) and to print the PDF directly to DEVONthink.

Yes, after importing (e.g. via drag & drop or File > Import > Files & Folders…) the database contains its own copy of the file.

I would definitely start in the Getting Started section too.
And the manual is written from high-level, broad concepts down to very specific details in the Appendix.

OK. Thanks!

Yes, yes! I’m removing the shrinkwrap as we speak!:blush: