Send as email function

Hello –

When I export a file as email (PDF), it opens up MAIL and deposits the pdf file properly into the email – no problem – however, this function only appears to work once per file. If I attempt to do it again, I get a FAILED note in the log file.

What is wrong?


I selected a PDF and Control-clicked (right clicked) on it, then chose the contextual menu option, ‘Send by Email’. The result was that Mail (my default email application) opened a new message with the PDF attached in it.

I was able to do this multiple times, creating multiple new messages. No problem.

By the way, in public beta 4, one can select multiple documents to be sent as attachments within a new message, using that contextual menu option on a selection of multiple documents.

Thank you Bill – I was using DTPro 1.x before – updated to 2.0 and the function appears to be working properly now.