Send by E-Mail: not as attach?

Hi, first congratulation to the next beta.

Second: Two questions

You wrote: " … 1.3b3 finally lets you make already filed scanned PDFs searchable."

This did it already, didn´t it? Or did I miss something? What is new?

A nice feature could be the “send by E-mail” in the contectual menue. I try this with a pdf, but it copied just the text in the e-mail. I had thought it would attach the pdf as pdf?

Did I miss something? Or do I have still to copy the pdf out of the database to attach it then?

Thanks for your effort.


The extra contextual menus we mentioned are for the Office version only. The Convert to Searchable PDF was a much requested feature. It also has a Send by Email item (identical to File > Export > as Email). If you use any of the supported mail applications for Mail Import then you will get the attachment(s) in your message.
Per chance, you are using the ones in the Scripts menus? These are not supported anymore and have been removed.

oh, sorry, I tried it again, and found the attach at the end of the text, which is also copied in the E-Mail.

That means, I have the pure text of my pdf in the E-Mail and the pdf as attach also.

This is not perfect, because I have to delete the text in the e-mail, but nice nevertheless.

I use Mail 2.1, with Mail Tags 1.2.2 and Mail attachments Iconizer

Actually, I agree with you. :wink: So, the next release will be more discriminative about when to add the text of a record to the message besides the attachment.


Wish you a nice day.


Ahhhh. That was the problem I was having!! I did find the Send to Email contextual menu item today which worked like a charm.

So my question is, where can I find the list of unsupported Scripts I should ditch from DTPO?

Thank you guys for your incredible and consistent work on making this a great product. [I am now the linking fool after the last Tuesday’s Tip. <img src="//" width=“15” height=“17” alt=“8)” title=“Cool”/>]

These are always listed in the release notes that you can find in the online help documentation.

Thanks, God. :smiley: