"Send by Email" contextual menu command strangeness

Greetings. After upgrading to DTP 2.0.3 and MacOSX 10.6.4, I am experiencing some strange things with the “Send by Email” contextual menu command, using Mail.app 4.3 (1081), just updated via the 10.6.4 update.

(This is not in reference to the DTP mail bundle issue, which has been nicely solved, thank you!)

When I highlight a *.rtf file in DTP, and use the contextual menu command “send by email”, it opens Mail.app as it always has, and it places the attachment in body of message. It is supposed to then place the text content of the file in the body of the message. Now, instead of the text in the body of the message, I find a large blackened area above the attached file where the content of the RTF document would normally be displayed. This large black field is displayed in the outgoing message and in the message as it is received by the receiver. Here is a screenshot of a received message with an *.rtf attachment and a black field where we would expect the text of the document to be.

*.pdf documents display with a black field for me but are received with NO black field.

*.rtf documents, when dragged to the Mail.app dock icon are, as expected, only attached to a new mail document and the text content is not attempted to be displayed. There is no black field displayed in this scenario.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help! Cheers, Jeremy

It is a bug in the Safari 5 WebKit, which Mail.app uses to format messages. Until Apple submits a fix, you can remove the style in Mail when composing the message by selecting ‘Format>Make Plain Text’ then ‘Format>Make Rich Text’ (assuming you want to keep the message formatted as Rich Text. Or, bypass the menu by typing Command-Shift-T twice, which toggles the rich/plain text option in Mail.


your advise seems feasible but - wow - it didn´t work . Any idea???

Kind regards

Try FixMailText?

Thanks, Greg, the “Make Plain Text” then “Make Rich Text” workaround works for me.

Thorsten, is it possible that you did not click into the body of the message before trying this? The “Make Plain Text” command only works when the curser is in the body of the message, not in the header fields.

Maybe we should report the bug to Apple?

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