Send by Email has no content

When I right click or use the Data menu to send a selected item by email, my default email program opens up, and a new email is formed, but the selected content from DTOP does not appear. The same thing occurs when I try to drag and drop the item from DTOP to the newly-made email in my default email program. The green circle with a + in the center appears when the mouse is over the new email, but the content from DTPO never appears. The only way to get the content from DTPO into an email is to drag and drop from DTOP to the desktop and then attach the dropped item to the email. This works, but it’s more work, and every time I have to do it I get irritated all over again that a feature in DTOP doesn’t work.f

Using DevonThink Office Pro 2.10
Running macOS High Sierra 10.13.4
default email program Airmail 3.5.6

That is incorrect. This is an Airmail issue, not a DEVONtech one. Airmail (as well as most third-party email apps) have very poor inter-application communication options. Apple Mail is by far the best of breed for this kind of thing.

Thanks for this reply. I’m considering changing email software.

You’re welcome. Apple Mail may not be “pretty”, but power is under-the-hood, not in the body. Cheers! :mrgreen: