Send CLI output directly to a Devonthink group?

Hi. This seems impossible but ill ask in any case :slight_smile:

let say i have output from a command:

find ~/Zotero/storage -iname '*.pdf' -exec cp {} ~/ZH_tmp/ztest \;

this results i all my Zotero Pdf’s collected i a folder. I then manually move it to Devonthink. Question is can i refer the output of that command to a Devonthink group (via the Devonthink item link, ie 2B7C5201-5644-4E03-B0E2-22D92D696DC5) instead of the folder?

thx a lot


As far as I know there are two possible ways: Either the folder you output to is already indexed in DEVONthink or you import the folder to the desired group afterwards.