Send document as e-mail - no attachment created (AirMail)

Hi there,

I’m using AirMail (latest, 3.2.4) as my standard mail client (OSX 10.11.6).

When I select a file in DT Pro (2.9.11) and try to send it as e-mail, the e-mail is created but the file is not attached.

Known bug? Workaround?


We’ll check this. In the meantime you could drag & drop the document onto Airmail’s Dock icon.

Drag & Drop indeed works. Thank you, Christian, for the quick workaround!

If you select a document or document(s) and click the Share icon – see image – you have a choice of actions: “Airmail Share” or “Airmail Composer”. I’ve used both and both work and include the attachments.

If Airmail does not appear there, you need to activate its share extension in System Preferences > Extensions

Yes, there is something going wrong with the Applescript support in Airmail 3.