Send DT files as attachments using Gmail


I did a quick search but could not find anything.

What would be the easiest way to attach files from my database to an email I am sending through webmail, Gmail in particular ?

Right now I am moving the files to desktop and then attaching them.



If you’re using Apple Mail, try dragging documents directly from a DT view to Mail’s Dock icon, creating a new message containing those docs as attachments, or to any message currently being composed.

Whoops - that’s no help for you with Gmail; sorry.

So, no luck with this question of mine ?

As GMail is a web-based application sending attachments to a new GMail message is not like creating it locally on your Mac. We currently do not support web-based software but only locally installed application such as Apple Mail or Microsoft Entourage.

You could add your Gmail account(s) to Apple Mail. Or try the Mailplane Gmail desktop client.

Thanks for the Mailplane tip.

Since I really like Gmail’s web interface Mailplane seems to be doing what I want. I will give it a try.