Send DT item to specific iCal date?

Recent versions of DT have come with a script that lets you export DT items to iCal as events or to-dos. The date is set as a function of the current date, ie tomorrow, 1 week from now, 2 weeks from now, etc.

Is there a way to alter this script to set a specific date and time for iCal events, eg “April 7 at 3pm”? I thought I knew how to do this but if I did it no longer seems to work.

You could replace the line…

set theStartDateString to ((date string of (current date)) & " 09:00:00 AM") as string

…of the script ~/Library/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts/Reminders/Add as Event to iCal.scptd but the required date string depends on the system language.

Sorry, I meant a specific date that you would input via a dialogue box.

“depends on the system language” ? What? It’s a Mac!