Send emails to DT with attachments

I am sure this question was asked. Apologize for repeating. I searched the forum but cant find an answer.

My question is, how can I send documents/email body content to DT. I am used to Evernote’s ability to receive content through forwarding to the Evernote generated email address. That is also very useful because it can be used for IFTTT or similar automation tools.

Another feature that I use for apps like Wunderlist is flagging a mail in gmail. When I flag an email in Gmail, it automatically creates a task in Wunderlist. Is it possible to do that to send flagged emails to DT automatically?

Thank you

Which version of DEVONthink do you have? Which email app do you use? The DEVONthink Pro Office version offers the most integration with Apple Mail.

DEVONthink Pro Office. I use Outlook 2016 and MacOS native mail app.

Evernote relies on you having an account on its own server. We develop software, not sell services, so this is not possible via the same kind of mechanism.

If you’re referring to an IFTTT or Zapier process on Gmail in the web interface, no this is not possible.

FWIW, you can manually add Outlook emails to DTPO.
But since I also have my Outlook account details inside, this also presents an option from that side.

Regarding IFTTT/Zapier, assuming you could get those flagged emails into on your Mac, then you could filter them using Smart Folders/Rules, and have them imported into DTPO automatically, once they meet those rule criteria.

Others might know more – this was certainly possible in the past – but I haven’t had the need of late, so not sure if it still works like that.
But assuming it does, that should be a way to get those IFTTT’ed items into DTPO.
Might be worth exploring.

To add to this.

  1. DEVONthink Pro Office offers mail actions so that you can write an inbox rule to add messages to DEVONthink Pro Office’s inbox.
  2. You can also write your own mail import scripts (based on the DEVONthink-provided scripts) to customize this action.
  3. And, you can combine 1 and 2 with Mail ActOn (a 3rd party utility) to make the feature even more flexible

There are plenty of examples of these in the forum history, so no need to reinvent the detailed responses here 8)