Send from Apple mail to specific DT folder

I am looking to store selected emails in DT - sort of an archive facility - but want to separate the mails into project folders. I don’t want to permanently keep the mails in my gmail mailbox due to space constraints.

The workflow is like this:
Once a mail has been replied to, I would like to then send it to DT and specify which database and folder it needs to go to… all as a one step process.
I know I can print the mail and then use the “save PDF in DT” option. The problem is that it then puts that mail into the global inbox and I have to go manually move it to the project folder.
Also, I would prefer that it is store as Kind = email, not kind = pdf.

I also have Hazel, but cannot find a way to get Hazel to help with this. Maybe my poor scripting skills!

If anyone has a way to do this, please let me know.

Only if DEVONthink’s Preferences > Import > Destination is set to Global Inbox. Setting it to Select Group shows the group selector so you can choose the destination.

Four non-scripted options…

  • With the Import preference set to Select Group, drag and drop to DEVONthink’s dock icon.
  • Drag and drop to the location in the database, if DEVONthink is visible.
  • Add groups to the Sorter and drag and drop to it there.
  • Open Tools > Show Groups & Tags and drag and drop there.

Thank-you. Both of these look like they will do the trick.

You’re welcome! :smiley:

I realized that in my last post I forgot to say “thank-you”. I’m not sure how I missed these options when looking through the help section. I did not know you could add groups to the Sorter … very useful feature and this is the one I am finding most suitable.

No worries! Glad the Sorter fits your needs. :smiley: