Send Mail from Smart Rule - 2 Questions

Two questions:

First -

I have set my Default Email Reader to Airmail in Preferences in Mac Mail.

I have also set the Finder default application for .eml to Airmail.

Nonetheless, a Smart Rule with the instruction Send Mail sends the message using Mac Mail rather than Airmail. Why?

Second -

The Send Mail instruction in a Smart Rule sends an x-item Link to the document. Is it possible instead for the document itself to be attached to the email?

Airmail is not a good option for this kind of operation. Apple Mail is still the best of breed for any kind of inter-application communication like this.

@cgrunenberg would have to address these specifically.

I would indeed prefer to use Apple Mail. But it has too many issues currently with Catalina to be usable.

Even if I use Mail, is it possible to attach the document rather than its Item Link?

The reason is that Item Links do not work if the email is going to a user who accessses Devonthink through the Web Server.

Criss would have to respond on this.

The default application for .eml doesn’t matter, only the default application for mailto: URLs.

The action only supports links currently but an embedded script could send attachments.

How do I set the default app for mailto: ?

I will give a script a try

Thank you

Usually via the preferences of Apple Mail.

There is only one setting there I know of - “Default Email Reader”

I set it to Airmail, but DT3 is not acknowledging it

Which application is launched on your Mac after clicking a mailto: URL, e.g. in a TextEdit document?

Even though I hate Chrome, open it and type mailto: in the address bar. What app opens?

Airmail opens when I do that

Yet DT3 sends via Mac Mail

I have confirmed the behavior here.

  • mailto: opens Airmail, set to the default email app for testing.
  • Data > Send by Email creates the email in Airmail.
  • The smart rule > Send Email creates the email in Apple Mail.

Also, I have ensured DEVONthink has Automation permissions to control Airmail.


I believe Alerts do the same thing.

I’m testing that now.

The next release will fix this.

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Many thanks

Any way to get X-links working on the web server?

Where exactly are these links used?

Let’s suppose I have a staff member who accesses DT3 through the webserver and not directly on a Mac. And let’s suppose I want that staff member to review a particular document in the database.

In that situation, I would want to be able to email the x-link to the staff member and have it open the webserver to the corresponding document.

Or alternatively I would like to be able to set an alert for a staff member which emails an x-link; it would be helpful if that x-link can then be used via web server to bring up the document referenced by the alert.

Cross-links are tied to the desktop application, this would require completely different links.