Send Safari screenshot to DT

Is there a way to send a screenshot directly to DT Pro from Safari or Google? Currently I create a screenshot with Evernote and then send a pdf to DT using the print to pdf function.

Maybe the Safari extension? See DT Menu > Install Add-Ons

Or, use with a Safari window in focus, press command-control-shift-4 and then press space and then click a window. A screenshot of that window will now be on the clipboard. (If you want to select an area instead, skip the “press space and click a window” action.) Then, switch to DT and press control-N, which makes a new document from the clipboard. In this case, a .png.

If you were to have DTPO, you could then right-click and Convert To > Searchable PDF and the screen shot will get OCRd.

I used to use the Control key for everything too! It is Command-N. :smiley: