Send to external editor (as in the desktop) and then get back changes possible?

i recently started using DTTG more on more on the IPAD. one thing that is still lacking (especially on the DTTG side) is good markdown editing.

on the desktop one can launch in an external editor, edit and the changes are saved back to DT.

How does one do the same iOS in DTTG? is that possible at all?
for example i would love to send a md from DTTGO to drafts work on it there, close it and continue on DTTG.
Is that possible or will ever be?

thx a lot


Hi zeltak,
Afaict, other apps don’t have direct access to DTTG’s directories, so you’d have to use some action shortcut calling back to the UIDD of your markdown file. I don’t know how to do this, but I’ve just seen that I I send to Drafts from DTTG the file URI is automatically added. So, you can edit in Drafts, and use some action that parses the URI into “destination”. This is the part I’m not sure how to do it, especially to avoid duplicates. Sorry!

Here’s a basic action for markdown to DTTG in Drafts.

I hope others with more experience can add more or suggest a simpler solution.

Not possible today, but the devs have indicated that Open in Place is a priority.

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thx guys

i hope indeed it will be implemented soon



If you are a Drafts user there is a set Shortcuts you can use to send a DTTG MD file to Drafts, edit it in Drafts and then save it back into DTTG in the same file.


I had to make a few changes for the Shortcut shown there to work on the latest version of Shortcuts.

Here is a link to my DTTG to Drafts:

Here is a link to my Drafts to DTTG:

that’s great @leebutler!! Really appreciate it

the DTTG to Drafts works well but i cant wrap my head around the Drafts to DTTG part. I cant see in drafts a share button. How does one then launch from draft the shortcut?

thx again


In Drafts, open the right panel (the Drafts icon, upper right corner or swipe right to left on the right side of the screen) then tap Share. Scroll down to find Drafts to DTTG in the shortcuts list, tap that and it updates DTTG.

If you don’t see it make sure that the Shortcut is set as “Show in Share sheet”.

thx again , that worked!