Sending email directly to my DTPO database

In both OmniFocus and Evernote, I have the ability to send an email directly to my databases for those programs (by way of a special email address unique to me). So far as I can tell, there is no such capability in DTPO. Am I just missing something? Is that capability there? If so, how can I do that?

If, however, I’m correct, I’d like to suggest this as a new feature for DTPO.


Korm links to a good post, but I am not sure that the post answers the OP’s specific question. It seems to me that the OP would like to be able to use a mail client on any device in any location and be able to send/forward emails to one of their DTPO databases. That is, perhaps they received a receipt from that they want to add to their receipts collection. They would simply forward the email to a specific email address and it would appear in DTPO.
This is different than the post Korm linked to. The linked post is referring to a script that allows a user using Apple Mail on the same system as DTPO to import mail using a script/mail rule.

To the OP: DTPO doesn’t have the same functionality as Evernote or Omni-anything because DTPO is not a cloud service. When you email to your special Evernote or Omni-whatever or Wunderlist email address, that information is passed to Evernote’s/Omni’s/Wunderlist’s servers and added to the server-side copy of your database.
DT is not a cloud service and does not have a server-side version of your data (thank gord) to which could be added arbitrary content such as an email from a remote source (e.g., not on the same machine as your database).
As such, a user is limited to importing email content on the same machine that is running DTPO, such as through the mail import scripts built into DTPO or written by others.

So, the answer is: No, you are not missing anything. DTPO does not have the same email functionality as Evernote or Omni-YYYYY.

Perhaps you could share a bit more about your use case or your needs and we may be able to make some additional, more informed, suggestions.

Scottlaugheed has it exactly right. I’m often using other devices and would like to either email something directly to my DTPO database, or forward something to the database by email. I frequently use my key combination to send an email in Apple Mail on my Mac directly into DTPO. I’d like the ability to do the same from other devices, but it sounds like that likely isn’t possible – and probably outside the scope of what the DT folks would consider doing.


Well, we can really only speculate about what DEVONTechnologies is willing to do. The difficulty is that it is not a trivial matter to simply roll out sufficient backend for a cloud service, so reproducing an Evernote/Omni-like email feature is not necessarily 100% straightforward. It also raises the question of whether or not having a cloud service component is part of DT’s ambitions as a company (regardless of the email thing).

One workaround, while terribly inelegant:
You can create a dedicated folder on your mail account (on the server, that is). Whenever you get something that you want to put in DT, no matter what device you are on you’ll have the ability to move it to that mail folder. You’d just have to remember to regularly import the contents of that folder into DT whenever you return to your Mac.

This is life without the cloud.

You could possibly use a service like and a folder action or Hazel rule on the folder in Dropbox to do this.