Sending full web pages from DEVONagent to DEVONthink?

Gee, I just didn’t realise just how cool DEVONagent is!

But at the moment it is sending it’s search results as links only to DEVONthink. Then as I visit each link in my inbox it has to load them all from the web. It would be useful to me, and faster to process, if it kept the copy of the website it downloaded the first time in DEVONagent and sent that through to DEVONthink.

Does that make sense? And is it possible to do something that achieves that?

I’d love DEVONagent to do it’s search over night and leave downloaded webpages and PDFs etc in my DEVONthink inbox for when I get up in the morning.

The action of search sets to automatically add results to DEVONthink should already add the downloaded resource (e.g. an HTML page or a PDF document) to DEVONthink’s database. What’s the kind of the added results in the database? But an option to choose the format might be indeed useful :slight_smile: