Sending parts of pdf's with mail as attachment

Sometimes i will try to send a few pages
From a pdf file in devonthink on my ipad as attachment in mail, but I think I only can send the whole pdf and not a certain part… Is there a trick for ipad users to do the job?
Many thanks in advance


That’s correct regarding DTTG only being able to send the whole PDF. I’m not aware of anything offhand, but there may be another app that you could send the PDF to, choose the pages, then choose to email.

a couple of PDF apps can do it.

i annotate PDF (~$7) can send single pages (annotated or plain). has many neat features… among others is that it can send just your highlights and notes as an email. (nice way to summarize a PDF)

neu annotate PDF (free) can do it, too. the bonus with this app is that it can send pages as jpg or other image formats, too.