Sending PDF from Share sheet of Messages; no PDF in DTTG

I received two PDFs via Messages. I open the PDF, then, using the Share Sheet, press “Clip to DevonThink”. I can choose the database. Then, it appears to be sending, though the OK button disappears in a flash before I can press it. Back in Devonthink, no PDF appears.

Don’t use the “Clip To DEVONthink” option.
Use the Copy to DEVONthink one.

Thanks. On my iPad, it was “Import with DevonThink”, and I hadn’t seen it before as it was a the end of my share sheet. I now see there are both “Clip to” and “Import with”, and I guess one works in one context and the other in others.

Actually, in some apps I am only seeing “Clip to”, and in others I am seeing both “Clip to” and “Import with”. Might I ask what the difference is, and why “Clip to” is showing up where it does nothing, where as “Import with” seems to appear only in relevant apps? Thanks.

Clip to DEVONthink in version 2.0.3 should accept all files from all apps. Which version of DEVONthink To Go do you use?