Sente to DevonThink scripts


Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but I had a copy of the excellent Sente to DevonThink script but though one misadventure or another it is gone. I’m trying to download it again but all of the links either point to an out-of-date .Mac site or a suspended Macmate account.

I have searched here, Sente support and, of course, Google. Could someone oblige? I’m using Sente 6.7.4 and DTPO 2.7.1

Many thanks

I have talked to Rob Trew and here’s a new link to his scripts:

In addition you could try, though, our own smart template which I attach to this post and which is also available from the Data > New from Template menu.
Reference (from Sente 6) (65.1 KB)


Thank you for your response. I’m aware of the Smart Template but this won’t extract notes already created in Sente, unfortunately. I had a look at the GitHub site and found what seems to be the scripts but am not experienced enough to manage to compile or run them successfully.

Thanks again.

I am a new user/purchaser of DevonThink Pro (and DevonAgent Pro) and relatively new to the Mac. I too am interested in transferring notes created in Sente to DevonThink and am aware that there are scripts created by Robin Trew that do this. But there is an impressive list of Robin Trew scripts at the GitHub site and I am uncertain which one(s) I need and have no idea how to install or use them. Can anyone please point me to some instructions somewhere?

Have a look on the github site for the .md (markdown) file. It describes the various scripts.