Separate sort parameters for separate groups

Hi folks -

What would be wonderful, and I’m almost certain this isn’t currently possible with DTPO (apologies if I’m mistaken), is to be able to affix separate sort parameters for different groups.

For example, for the vast number of newspaper articles that I import on one particular subject, I would like to be able to have that particular group sorted based on date created. This means that the most recent becomes immediately apparent and helps to logically follow a ‘story’ across numerous entries. However, when I ask DTPO to sort based on date created, this applies to the entire database.

Here’s where that becomes a bit problematic. For another group, I would like to be able to have all of my subgroups cluster together for ease of access. So, for one of the classes I teach, I have one master group. Within that, I have several subgroup based on topic. But also within that master group, I have solitary plain text notes on a variety of subjects that don’t really warrant being placed in a separate subgroup.

I guess what I’m asking for is whether it’s possible the the ‘global’ sort (i.e., throughout the database) can be amended to be specific to a particular group.



The three-pane view already supports group-specific sorting.