Separating tags between DT and mavericks

I’ve seen some posts asking for more integration between tags on mavericks and within DT - I’m actually looking for a way to avoid any cross talk at all between the two.

My short question:
I want to completely separate the two tagging systems - I don’t want tags from mavericks to be added to DT when a file is added to DT and I don’t want tags from DT to become mavericks tags when I export. Is this possible?

Some more background if needed:
I use tagging a lot within DT, and frequently change the tag names throughout my work flow. It would be ideal if the tags in mavericks could fully sync with the tags in DT (i.e. when I change a tag in DT, it changes in mavericks and vice versa). However, from reading various threads I understand that this is not viable in the near future - tags only cross over when a file is exported from DT or added to DT.

This causes me no end of grief. I cannot index folders at all in DT, because if I do, whenever the folder is re-indexed, I get 20 - 30 ghost tags show up in DT that I have long since changed (through other threads, I don’t think there is a good solution on that - which is fine). I also cannot use tags in mavericks effectively because I get some fraction of tags from DT show up whenever I export various files - which I have to do anytime I want to import a file to a web program (because it cannot see within the DT database). Mavericks has no good way (that I know of) to delete groups of tags - I have to delete each tag one by one.

Hence - I just want the two tagging systems to be separate - no importing or exporting of tags. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!